Ready to make Your own
Goat Milk Soap?

See which option is right for you!

At Big Red Barn, we offer all kinds of DIY options!

Whether you are looking for a fun new hobby, a way to make creative gifts to share, or even looking to build a business.... there's an option here for you.

Want to make your own Goat Milk Lotion?

The Summer Lotion Kit has everything you need to make 3 Large Bottles of lotion! Including ingredients, bottles & labels, directions, and even a popular Summer scent - Sage & Lemongrass!


Goat Milk Soapmaking Class

Make Your First Batch of Soap!

New to soapmaking? The Goat Milk Soapmaking Class is perfect for you! You'll learn which ingredients & equipment you'll need, plus you'll learn how to make your first batch of goat milk soap safely & confidently. Whether you are looking for a hobby, or to start a business, this is the class to start with!

Sassy Soapers Membership

Make Soap Every Month!

Want to make soap monthly? Sassy Soapers is our monthly soapmaking group. We make a specialty soap recipe together each month, and simply have the most fun! If you'd like to take your soapmaking up a notch, and connect with other soapmakers, this is the group for you.

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Starter Soapmaking Bundle

Make 4 Starter Soap Recipes!

Ready to use the best DIY Soapmaking Bundle? The Starter Soapmaking Bundle will guide you through making 4 of our most popular starter soap recipes! You'll receive the scents, colorants, a soap mold and other goodies in the mail. And then you'll get access to the printable recipes and the video trainings!

What Our Soapmaking Students Say


I'm in my 2nd month of being a Sassy Soaper and can't wait to learn more! I've been wanting to learn to make soap forever and this extra help has given me the push I needed.


What a wonderful class you hosted. My two kids are young adults and I need to start hobbies for myself and this is what I've wanted to do for years. Now is MY TIME. This was an excellent class. I am so glad I joined and can't wait to start making soaps.


This was an amazing class! Really learned a lot and super informative. 


I have always thought of starting a soapmaking business but have been scared to try. You have given me the tools to start. I'm so glad I signed up for this class!